Pressing-type Four Hooks Theft-proof Steering Wheel Lock

  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:AS-128
  • Material: Steel, bronze, alloy zinc, Latex coated surface
  • Color:Lock the body black, the gasbag steel is covered red
  • Minimum Order:Unrestricted.
  • Delivery Lead Time:45 days.
  • Payment Condition:T/T or L/C

Product features and Instructions:
*The main body, airbag cover part and surface layer are all made of ‘’Nitralloy steel’’ with hardness processing to make the steel surface hardness at HV700 ~ 750. HRC is from 45 to 50 degrees. It defends to drill, to saw, to pry, to shear. These enhanced functions are to protect the airbag from dismantling, destroy the airbag, to provide more guarantees to your love car.
* It's a simple, general use type car hooks to guard against theft. Guard against theft, locking firmness is also simply definite.
* The main lock body is coated with high-quality thick foam rubber paint, will not harm the leather parts and walnut wood steer wheel. Hand hold feeling is very good, and the touch feeling is slippery to follow.
* Need no key while pressing this press-type lock, the two side U type double hook steel bars are attached to two sides of the steer wheel. Press only the press-type lock to lock easily. While opening lock, with an upward exposure inserting into exactly and rightwards turn to 90 degrees to immediately open.
* While not in use, pull backward the hexangular steel stick , and press the press- type to descend , then make the hexangular steel stick become ready use. This is mainly to avoid the six steel stick to slide, and the bottom of the hexangular steel stick is also equipped with anti-sliding safety steel knob.
Important Notice:
Please have the hexangular steel stick well positioned after using, to avoid a sliding.
*Under normal circumstances, only to maintain the key-parts with some lubrication into lock hole. To maintain the foam rubber, use only water with some dishwashing detergent and wipe it lightly to keep foam rubber clean.